An ideal facility

My 94 year old father fractured his hip in January of this year and while he was in a rehab hospital we began to search for a residential care facility. We decided to hire a placement agency to help us locate an ideal facility. They were able to locate a number of residential care facilities within about 5 miles of my home. We went to see them all but the best one was clearly Shinkle cottage. We were very impressed with the management by Jose Umana who was very knowledgeable, organized and had very excellent interactions with his caregivers and the existing residents. The caregivers led by Noel were very helpful and we could tell they were all kind and truly made the environment seem like a very happy and healthy home. They keep my father well groomed and fed and look after his every need. I could not have asked for a better group of caregivers and administrator. They have continued to perform at what I would consider an outstanding level. My family and I visit my father several times each week and we have never had anything but praise about this facility including the excellent meals.

-Grant Hieshima, MD