At Premiere Cottages, we remain committed to protecting our residents and their loved ones from COVID-19. Our health and safety policies are more vital than ever, since we know that 2020 isn’t through with us yet!

The pandemic has everyone, especially assisted care facilities, scrambling for reliable, trustworthy information about how to care for seniors during the most challenging health crisis in 100 years.

But did you know that the 2020 flu season may make conditions more difficult than usual for seniors?

As a high-risk cohort, seniors must be safe from both influenza and COVID-19, so there are a few priorities to keep in mind when caring for seniors this flu season.

FACT: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most severe cases of influenza requiring acute medical care occur in people over 65-years old.

Flu Vaccines Are Vital

During a viral pandemic, vaccines are a critical line of first defense for healthcare workers and those at higher risk of severe illness. While the flu shot is never perfect, it’s still best to get seniors vaccinated to protect them from the usual threats.

The trouble is that pharmacies or nearby medical facilities may not have enough doses of the flu shot on hand to vaccinate every senior immediately. Nevertheless, it’s critical to get a flu shot if you or your loved ones are more than 65 years old or have a medical condition that magnifies the danger from COVID-19.

The likelihood of severe complications and illness from the flu is already high enough without the pandemic making this flu season worse.

The best way to care for seniors as 2020 thankfully comes to an end is vaccination from influenza and COVID-19.

Practice Pandemic Safety Rigorously

At Premiere Cottages, we know that one of the simplest and most effective ways to slow the spread of the coronavirus is a rigorous dedication to elementary health safeguards: wearing a face covering, keeping a distance from others, and thorough, regular hand washing.

Caring for seniors responsibly this flu season requires that healthcare professionals remain diligent and proactive.

Mental Well-Being Matters Too

The health risks of COVID-19 are becoming clearer by the day, but its threats to mental health among seniors are especially troubling. Isolation and depression may occur more frequently in senior populations as the coronavirus restricts visitation in many facilities around the country.

Overall, caring for seniors this flu season while still protecting them from COVID-19 requires a community effort to ensure health and safety.

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