If you have a loved one who needs more care than the family can provide, Premiere Cottages is where you will want them to be. We provide an unusually wide range of customized assisted living. And we receive very positive reviews from those who become part of our community, their families, and those who continue to meet their medical needs.

Creating a Comfortable Environment for Seniors

Some simply don’t want the burden of having to take care of a home and yard that is more than they really need and they are alone most of the time. They like the idea of living in the comfort of a large, beautiful, and wheelchair-accessible home, sharing common space with several other seniors who become a close-knit extended family.

Visits to and from our other Premiere Cottages locations in nearby quiet residential neighborhoods create a wonderful social life in a small retirement community. We also arrange game or movie nights and take residents out for shopping, walks in a park, or drives just for fun.

Personal Care Services Long Beach

Private Bedrooms and Bathrooms, All in Long Beach

Each resident can customize their room with art, photos, memorabilia, and even their own furniture, if they wish.

Amenities are available, including private bedrooms and bathrooms, patios, backyards, and gardens, all in Long Beach (see the photos and details for each).

Our centralized, experienced staff and compassionate service providers allow us to provide professional help 24/7 on demand, including nurses, social workers, physical therapists, homemakers, and other specialists. They can do everything from cleaning the house and washing clothes to driving residents to medical appointments or managing medications and treatment devices.

Staff are always on-call to help with everything from assistance in going to the bathroom to responding to emergencies.

24/7 On Demand Staff

Personalized nutritious and delicious meals and snacks are also prepared daily, eliminating the challenges of buying food and cooking for special diets.

We can also plan care for those who have memory loss issues, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, making sure they receive special attention to stay calm. A structured routine helps them feel secure and not lost in our intimate settings. Some residents may require help with getting out of the bathtub and dressing.

Premiere Cottages enables a level of independence with the quality of very personalized support that fosters wellness and dignity. Let us build a future of assisted living in retirement that is happy and healthy for all your loved ones.

Please give us a call to set up an appointment at your convenience and bring along anyone in the family who is interested.