Being a caregiver is often a full-time job. It requires extraordinary amounts of energy, patience, and compassion. Caregivers often feel that they must be present for their charge 24/7, and sometimes neglect their own needs. But it is no shame to need a break. In fact, breaks are necessary to help you recharge your physical and emotional energy.

Respite care is intended to help caregivers by providing a short-term place to stay for those under your care, allowing you to take that much-needed time off. A person can stay in respite care overnight, for several days, or even just a few hours. Premiere Cottages gladly offers this service, and we are open to finding an assisted living arrangement that suits your needs.

Respite Care

Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care residents of Premiere Cottages will receive all the amenities of a full-time resident, including:

  • Compassionate staff that’s on-call 24/7
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Assistance with mobility, dressing, and daily hygiene
  • A social environment that’s just like home, with four six-bed facilities encouraging close contact between residents
  • Medication management
  • Transportation upon request

We endeavor to treat all our retirement home residents like family, and make them feel welcomed and cared for no matter how long they stay with us.

Respite Care Scheduling

Often, it helps respite care residents to establish a regular schedule, which helps acclimate them to their new environment. This is especially important for individuals who have lost some cognitive function and may not enjoy being moved. 

A regular schedule is good for both caregivers, who can count on a standard amount of hours or days off, and residents, who can get used to their changing physical and social environments.

However, we also understand that emergencies can happen, and the need for one-time respite care can arise. We are happy to work with you whatever your circumstances. Be assured that the person under your care will receive all the attention they need, no matter if they’re newcomers or semi-regular residents.

At Premiere Cottages, we’re eager to do everything we can to make caregivers’ jobs easier, and that includes providing respite care with all the amenities of a full-time resident. Contact us for more information about respite care in the Long Beach area.