As seniors contemplate moving into retirement homes, nursing homes, or other facilities, they face a wide range of options which can be bewildering to navigate. The choice of best living arrangement comes down to the individual’s needs: how much medical assistance do they require? How much social contact? How much space?

A senior living community is a great option for an individual who wishes to remain partially independent, yet maintain strong social ties with other residents. Premiere Cottages offers this experience for seniors who want a community of peers to live and socialize with.

Senior Living Community

The Premiere Cottages Model

Senior communities, also called retirement communities or retirement homes, can have a number of different physical designs. They may resemble a large hotel or apartment block, with residents occupying private rooms interspersed with common areas such as dining halls, chapels, or game rooms. Sometimes, a senior community is built as a closed compound of individual houses.

The model that Premiere Cottages uses is slightly different. We have four facilities that are converted single-family residential homes, each with six private rooms. The cottages are not connected within a single compound, but are still within a few minutes’ drive of each other. Residents live much as they would in their own home, with private rooms and shared common areas like the kitchen and living room.

Many seniors are reluctant to leave their own homes for impersonal facilities. The advantage of Premiere Cottages is that it feels just like living at home. It’s a great choice for seniors that enjoy having roommates and strong social ties to other residents.

Senior Living Community Services

Residents also have access to a full suite of services to make daily life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. Our staff is available 24/7 to assist with daily chores, mobility, housekeeping, transportation, or just to provide companionship. We can easily accommodate any doctors or other medical personnel you may be seeing to help care for your loved ones, from physical therapists to nurses to social workers.

One of our residents’ favorite services at Premiere Cottages is the nutritious home-cooked meals prepared every day. We are glad to accommodate any dietary restrictions, as well as requests for additions to the menu. We can also arrange group activities, whether trips to nearby points of interest or indoor activities such as game and movie nights. 

Premiere Cottages offers comfortable senior living with a strong focus on community. If you or a loved one is seeking a warm, close-knit place to live for seniors, give us a call.