Sources of Low Sodium Foods for Seniors

Reducing salt intake can greatly improve the health of seniors who are living with heart disease or high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a very serious condition that affects roughly 58% of seniors on Medicare.

On top of this, heart failure is one of the most common reasons that people who are aged over 65 go to the hospital. Heart disease causes around 1 in 4 deaths in the US. However, the one thing that these diseases have in common is that symptoms can be significantly reduced when sodium intake is reduced 

It can also improve health and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. As of now, for most adults and people suffering from these health conditions, no more than 1,500 mg a day is an ideal limit. 

3 Places That You Can Go to Find Great Low Sodium Recipes for Seniors

While all recipe websites will feature low sodium recipes at one point or another, the ones that we are most fond of we have gathered below. In fact, all of these websites have a dedicated low sodium category.

1. EatingWell

EatingWell has a massive and varied selection of low sodium dishes. They make it especially easy and efficient to search for specific types of low sodium dishes that you may enjoy. They even have categories such as low sodium low card and low sodium diabetic recipes.

You can use the great horizontal menu items that sit just above the recipe section to easily choose which category you want to browse. You can even just scroll down to browse all of the low sodium recipes available.

2. Taste of Home

Taste of Home is an excellent website that has a great range of low sodium dishes that cater to many different tastebuds. They even have a navigation menu that is super handy on the right side to allow you to jump directly from the recipe type you’re looking for such as dinner, appetizer, or dessert. 

3. My Recipes

My Recipes is yet another website with a vast range of low sodium recipes. The recipes are organized by the type of dish. The categories are Breads, Main Dishes, Desserts, and Soups.

These websites make it much easier to find low sodium foods for seniors to enjoy without worrying about adverse effects. These delicious meals can make it easier to reduce your sodium intake. 

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