The answer to this question is usually yes. You may bring your own furniture to many assisted living facilities. In our facility, each cottage has been carefully designed to feel like home. Many of the private bedrooms are unfurnished, so you’re more than welcome to bring any furniture, decorations, or personal effects that make you feel comfortable and entirely at home in your new space.

Photos and sentimental artifacts or heirloom pieces are perfect for accenting your room. The common areas of each of our assisted living facilities, including the kitchen, living, and dining areas, are fully furnished with stylish, cozy, classic furniture that make each space inviting and perfect for socializing. Some rooms are even equipped with cable TVs.

Each cottage can house up to six residents, and most have up to six private rooms that you are invited to fill with your belongings. Some cottages are fitted with a mix of private and shared rooms or bathrooms.

Regardless of the floorplan availability, each house is located in a safe, quiet neighborhood. All of our facilities include plenty of well-appointed outdoor spaces. Enjoy beautifully maintained gardens, patio, or backyard areas that allow residents to take advantage of the glorious California sunshine.