As people get older, they often lose some measure of mobility and cognitive function, which is a normal and natural part of the aging process. Each person varies in the degree of care they need. Seniors may be largely in good shape mentally and physically, but just need a little help to perform some daily tasks. That’s where assisted living comes in.

Assisted living is another term for senior care or senior living. It is an informal term without a legal or technical definition. But in general, it means a standard of care that offers seniors help with whatever tasks they need so they can continue to lead fulfilling lives. Premiere Cottages offers assisted living services for our residents.

Assisted Living

Elements of Assisted Living

The aid offered in assisted living facilities can be generally divided into five categories:

  • Bathing – Some seniors with limited mobility need help cleaning themselves. Nurses and aides can assist the individual in tasks like getting in and out of the bathtub or shower, reaching hard-to-reach places, and using soap and shampoo.
  • Dressing – Putting on clothes can be an arduous task for seniors whose hands shake, who can’t see well, or lack the flexibility they once had. Staff can help seniors dress themselves every day, making a once complicated task quick and easy.
  • Medication management – Seniors are often taking many medications for various conditions. It can be complicated to keep track of these medications and remember the correct frequency and amount of dosages for each one. Assisted living staff can manage this process so residents don’t have to.
  • Meal preparation – At any stage of life, it saves a lot of time and effort if someone else is cooking your meals for you. Assisted living staff are happy to do so, and customize the menu based on any requests or dietary restrictions.
  • Transportation – Some seniors become unable to drive due to loss of eyesight or coordination. Staff can transport residents anywhere they want to go, whether for social visits, doctor’s appointments, or just a day spent outside.

Premiere Cottages offers all these services and more. Our team also understands the improtance of recognizing the need for assisted living as well. Laundry and housekeeping are also taken care of, so residents can simply relax and enjoy themselves. Residents’ social needs are considered as well, with planned social activities or visits based on their wishes. Generally, more complex medical needs are considered beyond the scope of assisted living, though we can easily accommodate visits from doctors, therapists, or other medical professionals.

Our goal is to provide residents a life full of wellness and dignity. Contact Premiere Cottages if you or a loved one is in need of assisted living in the Long Beach area.