There are many different food options and dining experiences available in assisted living communities. Food services often depend primarily on the size of the institution, combined with the level of personalized care and attention that is provided.

The goal of assisted living is to provide necessary support with daily activities, like cooking and cleaning, so that residents are not burdened with tasks that may give them difficulty. Consequently, residents find that they are able to eat better with freshly prepared meals included as a part of the service.

Some larger assisted living communities offer restaurant-style or cafeteria-style dining experiences that give residents a wide selection of choices throughout the day. At Premiere Cottages, we’re proud to provide nutritious, freshly prepared, home-cooked meals to residents every day.

The menu for each cottage varies according to individual dietary preferences and each resident’s specific nutritional needs. Residents are free to request new meals from the staff as part of a customized menu that rotates regularly with a fresh infusion of tasty dishes for maximum enjoyment. Staff members are happy to modify meals to suit the palates and fluctuating dietary needs of all residents during their time here.