You may have a mother, father, older sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent whose care needs have become impossible to manage at home, even with outside assistance. Yet no one wants to put this loved one in the typical “nursing home,” where they are likely to feel lonely and even their medical needs may be neglected. Selling the house can provide funding for more intensive care, but where to have them live with quality assistance?

An Alternative for those Who Need Skilled Nursing

Premiere Cottages provide an affordable alternative for those who need skilled nursing or other special assistance, but want a level of personalized independent living, rather than being in a hospital-like institution.

Each of our four wheelchair-accessible homes in Long Beach has six friendly residents in comfortable private or shared bedrooms with bathrooms.

Our beautiful board-and-care homes have common areas, including a living room for socializing and entertainment and a kitchen, where we prepare daily nutritious meals that can be customized for any diet.

Skilled Nursing Long Beach

An Intimate and Supportive Environment

Each home has a patio, front and back yards, a garden, and is in a quiet and safe neighborhood, so we can accompany residents on walks and supervise outdoor exercise. Even those with Alzheimer’s or dementia will feel secure and not lost in such an intimate and supportive environment.

We are able to provide every conceivable type of service any of our residents might need even without having a staff member living on site. That is because we have a central office near our homes, to allow us to be available 24/7, whether there is a need for bathroom assistance, a wake-up call, help with getting out of the bathtub, to dress, or call for a medical emergency. We can send a skilled nurse or provide transport to a doctor or hospital, as necessary.

We provide regular medical checkups, including monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, eyesight, and cognitive capabilities.

If a resident has been treated at a hospital, we can arrange follow-up care and recuperation. We can manage medications, devices, and schedule physical therapy. Caregiving, including by spouses, family members, friends, or professionals, can be coordinated.

In some ways the most important element in the quality of assisted living life is having not only visitors, but friends among the other residents at each home and in our own retirement community. We arrange visits to and from the other homes, entertainment, shopping and other trips.