United Senior Homes Association

We are the proud founder of United Senior Homes Association

USHA – United Senior Homes Association

USHA is a leading organization of six bed Residential Care Facilities (RCFE) owners that strives to set the bar for high quality care in the markets we serve North Orange County and South LA County.

USHA has established a proactive collaboration of owners that facilitate the exchange of “best practices”, joint target marketing, and mentorship amongst the association members.

USHA’s fundamental aims to be a respected association of RCFE owners that its ultimate goal is to hold its members accountable to collaborate and improve RCFE standards in order to provide a home that fosters wellness, independence, dignity and quality of life for each of our residents.

We are committed to helping Families, Social workers, Case Managers and Discharge Planners in finding the right place for a senior in need of placement within our members.